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Residential Mortgage Due Diligence

Since our founding, Residential Mortgage Loan Due Diligence has been our core service offering. Our clients have included commercial banks, insurance companies, and investment banks. To date, we have reviewed nearly 36,000 loans.

At IngletBlair, we provide a thorough, comprehensive review that ensures loans were underwritten correctly and highlight all areas of risk for an investor. Our full loan file review includes:

  • Credit review / re-underwriting
  • Regulatory compliance review
  • Predatory lending review
  • Fannie Mae compliance review
  • Fraud review
  • Legal document review
  • Data integrity review

IngletBlair's services help our clients make better decisions on pricing portfolios and understanding and managing risk. As each client's requirements and expectations are different, we consult with you to customize the scope of each review to meet your goals.

Both during and after the review, IngletBlair will provide comprehensive loan-level and pool-level reporting so you can easily monitor our progress, identify issues, and take action, if necessary. We can build reports specifically tailored to your needs. Our standard reports include:

  • Pool Summary Report - A report detailing the overall characteristics of the loan package and status of our review findings.
  • Asset Summary Report - A concise loan-level report detailing the major characteristics and listing the credit and compliance defects, if any, of each loan.
  • Data Comparison Report - A report detailing the difference between the data provided by the originator or the seller and the data collected during our review.

The Underwriting Team is an experienced group of underwriters trained on IngletBlair's proprietary review system to efficiently analyze each package to your specifications. Besides having a strong background in the industry, each underwriter must also pass a rigorous exam in order to be employed by IngletBlair .

Each due diligence team is staffed by a Lead Underwriter, one or more Quality Control Underwriters, and an appropriately sized Underwriting Team. The Lead Underwriter has the highest level of expertise and manages the entire due diligence process. We also staff one Quality Control Underwriter for every three underwriters. The Quality Control Underwriter performs random checks throughout the process to ensure the accuracy and quality of your file review.

IngletBlair's review services can be performed at a seller or buyer's offices, a designated third-party site, or at our facility in Austin, Texas.

If you are not interested in in our complete Due Diligence package, IngletBlair can offer any of the following as ala cart services - please explore these services by using the links in the left navigation area.

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